Xperia XZ and X Android 8.0 Oreo Update Release Date and Features

Android oreo xperia xz

Android Oreo is the latest iteration of Google’s most popular Mobile OS and the Eighth major release of Android. Currently, Xperia XZ and and X devices are running on Android Nougat which is the predecessor of Oreo.

Sony Mobile confirmed in August that Xperia XZ and X will receive the Android Oreo update. The Japanese tech giant started the rollout of the Android 8.0 update for Xperia XZ Premium, according to Android Authority.

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Albeit, there is no confirmed release date for Xperia XZ and X devices, we can guess based on the previous rollouts of Sony. Some latest reports suggest that Sony XZ will receive the Android Oreo update in December 2017. The Xperia X devices might be treated with Oreo in January or February 2018.

The OTA rollout of Android Oreo may start earlier for unlocked devices of Xperia XZ. The carrier locked devices may receive the update in early 2018. The confirmed release dates of Android Oreo for Xperia XZ and X will be revealed soon.

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Android 8.0 Oreo Features

Android 8.0 xperia x

According to Trusted Reviews, Android Oreo contains many awesome features like Background limits, Picture in Picture mode, Notification channels and dots, autofill APIs and so on.

Wi-Fi Aware is also an exclusive feature of Android Oreo. According to Android Pit, the feature permits that two devices with compatible hardware can communicate with each other via Wi-Fi Aware without reaching for Internet.

The Notification Dots feature is another awesome feature of Android 8.0. Actually, Apple brought this feature to iPhones with iOS a long back and now arrived to Android. When a new notification arrived for an app, a small blob appears at the corner of the app icon. So Xperia XZ users can easily preview the notification through the Notification dot, according to Gottabemobile.

Along with standard features of Android Oreo, some Sony exclusive features like Predictive capture and 3D Creator may also come to the Xperia XZ flagship.

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Update on 25/11/2017 :

After Xperia XZ Premium, the rollout of Android 8.0 Oreo has spread to Xperia XZ and XZs devices. Xperia Blog says that the Xperia XZ flagship devices starts receiving the Oreo update with firmware version 41.3.A.0.401. The size of the update is around 1.2 GB, so we recommend users to download on any Wi-Fi connection with good strength.

Android oreo update xperia xz

As the rollout takes place in phases, some users may not get the update notification, but they will receive it soon. It seems that the Japanese tech giant doesn’t include the 3D Creator app in this update, the highlights of this update are : Remainders, Xperia Actions, App shortcuts, Smart Text selection and Autofill. According to Phonearena, Xperia X Performance will be the next to receive the Android 8.0 update. After X Performance, Xperia X might begin receiving the update.

Update on 1/12/2017 :

According to XperiaBlog, the Android Oreo update has landed for Xperia X Performance as soon as two days after Xperia XZ started receiving the update. On November 27th, Sony starts the rollout of Android 8.0 Oreo for Xperia X Performance devices. The size of the update is about 1.25 GB and the version number is 41.3.A.0.401 same as that of Xperia XZ oreo update.

Xperia x Performance Oreo update

The next phone to receive the Oreo update will Xperia X, according to tech experts. But as the Xperia X uses different chipset from Xperia XZ and X Performance, the rollout may take some time. Most likely within a week or two, Sony Mobile will start the rollout for Xperia X devices.

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