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Android 5.2 leaks are probably fake

Google released the Android 5.1 update a few days ago for Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and some other nexus devices. The search giant also released Android 5.1_r3 update also which includes some bug fixes for multiple sim card feature. But we have seen a few leaks before Android 5.1 released, that Nexus 5 running on Android 5.2. So some users believed that Google is testing Android 5.2 internally for Nexus 5. These leaks are probably fake because they have no official evidence and also continuity. Google hasn’t officially confirmed Android 5.2 update till now and the engineers are still making Android 5.1 builds for Nexus 4 and some Nexus 7 devices.

There is no further news after initial leaked screanshots about Android 5.2. So we can believe that these screanshots are fake and probably made by a custom rom developer. According to our predictions, Google may officially announce about Android 5.2 soon. As the search giant also unveiling Android M in last week of March so that we may not have to worry about Android 5.2 thing. But in few days Google might officially announce whether Android 5.2 is a separate update under Lollipop or it is coming under Android M, if Android 5.2 is present only.

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