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Android 5.1_r3 Changelog revealed

Google pushed out the Android 5.1_r3 source code to AOSP yesterday and also released the factory images of Android 5.1_r3 under the software version LMY47I for Nexus 6 and Nexus 5. The changelog of the latest revision of Android 5.1 is revealed by Android Police. According to the changelog, Google hasn’t fixed any big problems of Lollipop in this update. They have just fixed simcard handling bugs arised due to the addition of multiple carrier support. Another bug releated to API has been fixed partially. It is strange that Google not caring about the major bugs like process killing which leads to app crashing, Memory leak which increases memory usage to crash the phone, Battery drain bugs.

Many people expected that Google may have fixed the above major bugs in the Android 5.1 update. But there are no bug fixes about them in the first released Android 5.1_r1 and also in the latest released Android 5.1_r3. This is a bad news for Lollipop users and Kitkat users who are thinking about upgrade to stable Lollipop. But we have to wait a few weeks till Google makes announcement about the next update for Android Lollipop or about Android M which is going to be announced in May. Stay tuned for latest news about upcoming android updates.

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  1. siva praveen reddy . n March 27, 2015 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    Still in my nexus 5 not yet came 5.1 ota update please send urgently

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