Sony Xperia Z2 HSPA+ is getting Lollipop in more countries

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Android Lollipop rollout spread to Xperia Z2 HSPA+ version Sony announced in last week that they will extend the Lollipop rollout Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet to more countries in this week. Now the Japanese tech giant has started the Lollipop rollout for Xperia Z2 HSPA+ with Model number D6502. Currently the update notifications are [...]

LG unveiled new UX 4.0 user interface for G4

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LG UX 4.0 user interface unveiled As we have written in previous posts, LG is going to unveil is next flagship in G series on April 28th. A few days ago LG presented the QHD display which features in G4. Now LG announced the new user interface named under UX 4.0 which is to be [...]

Android Lollipop certified for Sony Xperia Z1s

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Lollipop certified for Xperia Z1s Xperia Z1s users will receive Lollipop soon as the certification of Lollipop for this device just appeared on PTCRB website. The Android 5.0.2 update with software version 14.5.B.0.220 has certified for T-Mobile Xperia Z1 with Model number C6916. Xperia Z1 users may receive Lollipop update in this week. Xperia Z1 [...]

Next Samsung Exynos features Custom cores instead of ARM

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Next Samsung Exynos features custom cores Samsung recently released Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with Home brew Exynos 7420 chipset. As in previously leaked benchmarks of Exynos 7420, it becomes the top chipset in performance now. It also built to save battery power besides showing high performance. Now according to latest news, the South Korean [...]

Android 5.1.1 Existence confirmed and coming to Nexus soon

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Android 5.1.1 has confirmed officially Google released Android 5.1 with third revision only about a week ago but now it seems that the search giant is preparing to come out with a new android update soon. The Android 5.1.1 version appeared on Android SDK manager so that its existence has officially confirmed. The Memory leak [...]

Sony Xperia Z1 and Z1 compact will get Lollipop in this month

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Android Lollipop rollout will start soon for Xperia Z1 Sony released Android Lollipop for Xperia Z3 series and Xperia Z2 series last month. But the update is currently available only in a few countries and spreading to major countries now. In a few days ago, Sony officially teased Lollipop for Xperia Z1. In that teaser [...]