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LG unveiled new UX 4.0 user interface for G4

LG UX 4.0 user interface unveiled As we have written in previous posts, LG is going to unveil is next flagship in G series on April 28th. A few days ago LG presented the QHD display which features in G4. Now LG announced the new user interface named under UX 4.0 which is to be [...]

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LG G4 will make official debut on April 28

G4 is coming on April 28 LG G4 is the upcoming high-end flagship from the South Korean tech giant. Now LG officially sent press invitations for the unveiling of G4. They set a press event on April 28 to unveil G4 officially. This is a bit late than earlier rumoured mid-April release by Android Authority. [...]

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List of Android Flagships getting Lollipop in US and UK

Android Lollipop is the latest update from Google for Android smartphones. It features many exciting features like the Material design, Elegant lockscreen and New app previews. Android users are very exciting to know whether their phones getting Lollipop or not. Some people also looking for Smartphones running with Lollipop to buy. So we are describing [...]

Android Lollipop Rollout Started for LG G2

LG started Android Lollipop Rollout for G2 Lollipop is the codename of latest Android 5 OS from Google. Only few tech companies currently rolling out Android Lollipop to their major flagships only. LG is also one of the companies which has started Lollipop rollout early like Motorola. G3 is receiving Android Lollipop from few months. [...]

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Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is available for LG G2 through CM12

Cyanogen Mod releases CM12 for G2 Recently some rumours claimed that LG has begun making Lollipop for G2. A leaked video previewed Android Lollipop running on G2 also. Famous CyanogenMod releases CM12 nightly builds for G2. As CM12 is based on Android 5.0.2, we can use it till LG release official Lollipop update for G2. [...]

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LG introduced G Flex 2 in CES, Specs and features of G Flex 2

LG introduced G Flex 2 in CES LG G Flex 2 is the upcoming smart phone G Flex series from LG. As predicted, LG introduced G Flex 2 in the CES 2015 few minutes ago. Previously rumoured specs and Features of G Flex 2 are confirmed now. G Flex 2 is the Second bendable phone [...]

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