Android O for LG G5 and V20 Release Date and Features

Lg v20 android o

Unlocked LG G5 devices received the Nougat update in the US in May. Earlier many carriers rolled out the Android 7.0 update for their LG G5 devices. LG V20 came with inbuilt Android Nougat but yet to receive the Android 7.1 update. The next big update for the G5 and V20 flagships is Android O.

Android O is the upcoming major update from Google. The Search Giant already released three developer previews. The beta version of Android O is also available for some Nexus and Pixel devices. The version number of Android O is 8.0 and internal Codename is Oatmeal Cookie.

Android O Features

1. Notification Channels

Android O is coming with more control over Notifications through Notification channels according to the official Android Developers Blog. It gives granular control to users. So users can choose which type of notifications appears from an app. With the Notification Channels feature, user can choose required categories from which notifications appear and other notifications will be hidden. So users can also hide unnecessary notifications like notifications from overlay apps. In some messenger apps like Whatsapp, notifications from some groups can be muted with the Notification channels of Android O. So user can check only necessary notifications quickly.

Android o notifications

In Android O, users can also snooze notifications easily and check them later. When the user swipe slightly to side on any notification on Android O, snoozing options will appear. In that users can choose any time of 15 min, 30 min and 1 Hour to snooze. It is just like in Gmail to snooze mails to later.

Android o notifications snooze

In Android O, developers can add background colors for their app notifications. So users can easily identify notifications and it also improves user interface. But developers have to target Android O in their apps to work this feature correctly.

2. Picture in Picture Mode or PiP

Android o pip

Picture in Picture is a native feature of Android Nougat. But Nougat brought this feature only to Android TVs. Now Google has improved this feature and brought to Android Smart Phones with the Android O update. With this feature, users can easily do multi tasking. Users check Gmail or browse the web while watching YouTube videos or video chatting around a corner of the screen. But this feature is still in the development phase of Android Smart phones.

Recently at Google I/O 2017, Google revealed more details about the Picture in Picture of Android O. Google is trying to give fluid like experiences to users with Android O. The Picture in Picture is one of the enhancements to provide fluid like android experience. But currently only a few apps are supporting the Picture in Picture feature. This feature is useful while using apps like Google Duo which don’t support Split-screen. The Picture in Picture Mode feature of Android 8 improves user interface much.

3. New Background Limits

This feature is to save more battery on Android. Previously with Doze mode and improved Doze Mode, Google improved battery saving in Android Marshmallow and Nougat respectively. Now app background limits of Android 8 refined the battery saving feature of Android.

Execution limits of Android O, restrict the app activities that are not foreground to access system resources. They also restrict system resources to the app activities that are not being used actively. Location limits restrict the location requests of the apps that are not foreground and reduce battery drain.

According to the Android Developers blog, the background limits feature of Android O helps in saving battery juice much. The Search giant may improve this feature in the upcoming preview of Android O.

4. Project Treble

This is one of the exclusive features of the next iteration of Android. Google recently revealed some of the details of Project Treble. With Project Treble, Google is trying to solve the problem of slow updates. Already the Search giant is working with the chipset Giant and the Japanese tech Giant Sony to fix bugs in Android O. So after the release of Android O Final build open source code, there will no need to patch these bugs again. So in future, Device makers like Samsung, Sony may directly grab the source code from open source and build for their devices without waiting for chipset makers like Qualcomm.

In the next generation with stable vendor implemented interface, updates change only Android Framework without making changes to vendor interface. So problems like Bootloop after update may be fixed. The size of the update also might be reduced in future. Project Treble is already implemented on Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones on experimental basis. Google will announce more details about Project Treble in coming days.

5. Fast App installs and Reboots

Android 8 is coming with exclusive optimizations to speed up app installs. So in Android O, apps install in no time. Google also made special optimizations to reduce app launch time. Many beta testers also confirmed that in Android O, apps launch faster than in Nougat. In I/O 2017, Google also demonstrated the improved app launch time. Refined reboot time is also due to some optimizations of Android 8. The Search Giant claims that reboot times will be reduced to about half with the Android O update. This improvement also facilitates to reduce OTA install times. More details about these refinements will be revealed in coming days.

6. New Bluetooth Codecs

Android o bluetooth codec

The Android 8.0 update is coming with new Bluetooth codec support. So with Android O, LG V20 and G5 may get aptX, aptX HD, SBC, AAC and Sony’s LDAC Bluetooth codecs. With these codecs, audio quality over Bluetooth will be improved in LG G5 and V20 flagships. Users can change the Bluetooth codec in the developer options. Users can also customize sample rate, bits per sample, channel mode, and playback quality of the selected codec.

Android O for LG V20 and G5 Release

According to the timeline released by Google in May, the final build of Android 8 will come in Q3 of 2017. Recent leaks also suggested that in the beginning of August.

So LG might start the rollout of Android O for LG G5 devices in December 2017. Unlocked G5 devices in the US may get this update in H1 of 2018. V20 flagship may get the android 8 update in January 2018. Official rollout dates will be revealed in coming days.

We will update this post soon with more details about the Android O update for LG G5 and V20.

Update on 25/7/2017 :

Google releases the Fourth and Final Developer preview of Android O before the official release of Android O. So the App Developers and tech Enthusiasts can download the factory images of the fourth preview from the official website. Currently the factory images for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P are available. The Beta enrolled users are going to receive the OTA of this preview in a few days.

The VP of Engineering posted that this preview includes latest bug fixes, stability improvements, final APIs (level 26), final system behaviors and optimizations. The official version of Android 8.0 will be released in later this summer. So the official Codename of Android 8 is going to be revealed in a few days.

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