Galaxy Note 5 is the 2015 year phablet from Samsung. Currently Galaxy Note 5 devices only in few regions are running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. In other regions, Samsung and some carriers started the rollout of Android 7.0 Nougat for Note 5. Galaxy Note 5 released with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop but Samsung later updated it to Marshmallow.

Previously, Google released First and Second previews of Android 7.1.2 in February and March respectively. The final build of Android 7.1.2 is rolled out on April 3rd for some. Nexus and Pixel devices. So Samsung may start the building of Android 7.1.2 for Note 5 soon.

Elegant Features of Android 7.1.2

1. Bug Fixes

The Android 7.1.2 update is mainly a bug fix update. In this Maintenance release, the Search Giant fixed many bugs present in Nougat and Android 7.1.1. Bluetooth bug, Early shutdown bug, Audio popping bug, Camera bug on some devices, Wi-Fi connectivity bugs have fixed in this update.

General connectivity is also improved in this update. Android 7.1.2 increases system stability and fluidity. So after installing Android 7.1.2 Nougat, devices will run without lag. Installed Pixel users already confirmed this.

android 7.1.2 fingerprint gesture

2. Swipe down to see Notifications

This feature is present in Pixel and Pixel XL devices inbuilt. In this feature, users can check notifications by just swiping down on the fingerprint sensor. Google much improved this feature in the previews and the final build of Android 7.1.2. So after updating to Android 7.1.2, this Fingerprint gesture feature is working faster and reliable in Pixel devices.

This feature can be enabled by going into the Moves menu in Settings. The Fingerprint gesture feature might be refined in future Android updates.

3. New live wallpaper Setting

Google rolled out stock live wallpapers with the Android 7.0 Nougat update. But previously in Nougat, user had to apply the same live wallpaper for both home screen and lock screen. In Android 7.1.2, this live wallpaper setting has refined.

So in Android 7.1.2, users can set live wallpaper for both lock and home screens or only home screen. So users can apply live wallpaper for home screen and static wallpaper for the lock screen. This setting can be applied for stock live wallpapers and third party live wallpapers downloaded from playstore. This also conserves battery.

Samsung probably start the rollout of Android 7.1.2 for Galaxy Note 5 in July or August. Unlocked Note 5 may receive the update earlier than carrier locked editions.

More details about the rollout of Android 7.1.2 for Galaxy Note 5 will be revealed soon.

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